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Ear Piercing

You're thinking of getting your ears pierced. How exciting! Stambaugh Jewelers is happy to be a part of this special event.  Here are a few things to know before getting your ears pierced.  

Age.   We pierce ears of people age 7 and up.  Most children start asking to have their ears pierced at this age, as their peers begin having theirs done.  You and your child will know when the time is right - just be sure that your child is old enough to responsibly take care of the piercings as they heal. 

The Piercing Process.  Generally, an air gun or needle is used to pierce the earlobe. We are sure to use santized tools and packaged piercing studs and may wear surgical gloves. Our piercing studs are made of surgical stainless steel to minimize metal reactions and to promote healing. Earrings must stay in the ear for at least six weeks to allow the hole to heal. During that time, the piercing should be cleaned twice a day with either hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol with a clean cotton swab. In the summer months when you may be swimming in rivers, lakes or ponds, we recommend cleaning your piercings immediately after the activity as well. 

Jewelry Options Afterwards.  After six weeks, you are ready to change your earrings and try new styles. To avoid the holes closing, continue to keep earrings in. There are plenty of earring options available, so feel free to experiment and find your style! Keep in mind that some fashion earrings are made of base metals and can sometimes cause a reaction in sensitive ears. If your ears become red, hot or itchy, remove the earrings, clean your earlobes and let them heal.  Replace them with earrings that are surgical stainless steel or karat gold instead.   Click here to browse earring styles and shop for your favorites.