Gem Tasting Event 2019

Gem Tasting 2018

Our 2019 Gem Tasting Event with Roger Dery will be held on October 10th!

What is a Gem Tasting, you ask?

A Gem Tasting is an opportunity to come to a party and "play" with gemstones.  Just like a wine tasting, beer tasting or bourbon testing, we'll learn, find new types of gemstones we didn't even know we liked, and explore the world of gems!

You will get to see, touch and learn about gemstones you have never seen before, appreciate exciting cutting styles and meet Roger Dery, an award-winning gem cutter.  Enjoy an exclusive opportunity to purchase these unique gemstones while you experience an interactive evening where you can hear about Roger's travels, experience his passion for gemstones, touch the exquisite gemstone creations, ask questions, discuss his methods and carve a memory that will last for years. 

We look forward to sharing this Gem Tasting with you!  Call us at 419-782-4061 or email to make your reservation.