See You In September

Posted on Monday, November 30th, -0001 at 12:00 am by Cara

Happy Birthday, September Babies.  Lucky you - you enjoy the sapphire as your birthstone.  (Although you don't have to be born in September to LOVE a good sapphire.)  Did you know that sapphires come in every color of the rainbow, plus black and white?

Let's give a musical homage to sapphire.....

If the 60s is your music 🎵 decade, “See You in September” might have you humming...

“I’ll be alone each and every night
While you're away, don't forget to write

Bye-bye, so long, farewell
Bye-bye, so long

See you in September
See you when the summer's through”

If that's not your decade of music  🎶 🙂 we’ve included a few other music 🎵 selections to serenade September and Sapphires to center stage. Maybe one is playing in your mind right now…


1970’s: “One Way or Another”

Sapphire’s sources are unfamiliar and undependable. Sapphires are found in some of the most desolate and difficult to traverse places on earth: Madagascar, Kashmir, Pakistan, and Mozambique. Still, the magical lure to find Sapphires drives miners into the far corners of the globe to unearth them, not knowing when they’ll spot a Sapphire again. One way or another, miners are determined to reach more Sapphire.


1980’s: “I see your true colors shining through.”

The sound of Cyndi Lauper’s voice singing “True Colors” is a tribute to Sapphire’s variety of colors “like a rainbow.” Sapphire occurs in every color and has one of the widest range of colors of any gemstone, including black and white. The most famous colors of Sapphire are Padparadscha, pink and orange together, and Cornflower, a clear medium blue.


2000’s: “What doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger.”

Made famous by Kelly Clarkson, these lyrics are an ode to Sapphire’s toughness. Sapphires are second only to Diamond in durability. Because of their resistance to scratching, Sapphires have many uses beyond jewelry. When you go grocery shopping, the clear screen where the cashier scans your merchandise is made of lab-created Sapphire. When you buy an Apple watch, you have Sapphire to thank for the face staying scratch-free!


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